stage & costume design


Larisa Faber
a musical about abortions and no regrets.

Escher Theater
Premiere: 08.11.2022

Kaunas City Chamber Theatre
Camden People´s Theatre London

GOOD GIRLS is an irreverent musical based on people's unapologetic abortion stories from across Europe. While some countries' policies should be aborted (pun intended Poland, Malta - we're looking at you), others are still standing strong. Or are they? And while we're at it - why is abortion always treated as a traumatic sob story? We'll have none of that. We'll sing and dance about abortion instead. Join us for some mischievous humour & a sprinkling of cracking songs and dances!

Coproduced by anonyma & Théâtre d'Esch, Luxembourg. Supported by Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture and Planning Familial. In partnership with Chamber Theatre Kaunas, Lithuania, and Kaunas 2022 European Capital of Culture.


written and directed by: Larisa Faber
design: Marie-Luce Theis
choreography: Hannah Ma
dramaturgy: Gabrielė Labanauskaitė
music composition: Catherine Kontz
video content: Shade Cumini
content creators: Val Volshevska & Kassy Cho
production manager: Martyna Zukaite
music assistant: Luka Tonnar
Stage manager: Max Stoltz

performers: Teklė Baroti, Monika Valkūnaitė, Nora Zrika

Photos © Jeannine Unsen